Ash Fork, AZ

Horse Boarding

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2266 North Ann Lane

Ash Fork, AZ 86320-0482

For more information call Gail or Martin at 928-637-9970
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What is The Shifty Jack Ranch?

The Shifty Jack Ranch is a small 9 Acre ranch (7 of which are dedicated to the horses) located about 2 miles north of Ash Fork, in the Kaibab Estates West area. On the ranch we have a barn with four 12' x 36' horse stalls. The stalls are partially covered (about 2/3) by the barn roof and open to the South-East. On the eastern side of the barn is a double size stall area with extra room for horses that might need to be separated for a while. The barn has power and lights for evening access. The stalls are accessible from inside the barn and, on the other end, open up into a two acre excercise/training area.

FLYS? You bet. If you have horses, you have flys. However, they can be kept to a minimum. In the summer, the fly population is contolled with a product called Fly Preditors and ceiling fans in each stall. Regular cleaning of the stalls and arenas also provides control.

The drawing on the right shows the main barn and training area. The two one acre arenas can be closed off and used for separate purposes. Both have shelters. The one marked Sand Arena is a full sized (150' x 300') turn-out arena. On the North-East side of the horse stalls, is a fenced stall area, with shelter, for 2 to 3 horses.

There are plenty of riding areas right outside our gate. Except for the main road comming in (Double A Ranch Road), all the roads are dirt and have very little traffic. Some of the roads are maintened by the county. There is also access to the Kaibab National Forest approximately 1 mile away.

On the South-West side of the sand arena/exercise area is a round pen that is 60' in diameter. We have a 2-1/2 acre pasture. We also have a one acre grazing field with shelter for private use.

On the South-West side of the barn, is our Hay Barn. The Hay Barn has three 12' x 36' sections. We have a shed and store some or our out door tools there, but there is still plenty of room to stack hay. We usually buy a good quality alfalfa 64 bales at a time. When there is any sign of rain, the hay is tarped.

All fencing is animal friendly. The fence is made up of 2" iron pipe set into 12' frame sections. All the pipe is welded together and has 4 strands of 3/16" steel cable threaded in the gap between the top and ground. Overall there is about 3,000 feet of fencing.

Where is The Shifty Jack Ranch?

Well, here we are! right here. The ranch is right in the center of the window so, without changing location, zoom in to get a better overview of the ranch. Or zoom out a little bit to get a better perspective on our location. Two miles south or our location is the town of Ash Fork at the junction of I-40 and highway 89 to Prescott.

Most people want to get a look at facilities, before they commit to boarding their horse. We welcome visitors, and will give you the nickel tour if you call us in advance. Except for a quick trip to the store, we are always home. However, we are not always in a position to answer the phone. So if one of us does not answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you.

Ash Fork is about 50 miles west of Flagstaff on the North side of Interstate 40 at Exit 146 (East side of Ash Fork). And the Shifty Jack Ranch is about two miles north of town. State Highway 89, from the Prescott, Chino Valley, and Pauldin area, intersects with I-40 at Exit 146.

What do we Provide

Barn Protected Stalls
w/Arena access

Hay, three times a day

Large paddocks for exercise or training

Grazing Fields

Daily Exercise/Grooming

Mucking three times a day minimum (more as required)

Call Gail or Martin at 928-637-9970

Who is Jack?

Why, this is Jack!

Shifty Jack

Jack is a 6 year old Springer Spaniel, and he loves horses. He shares the ranch with two brothers (Lucky and Steve) and one sister (Gracie). All are Springer Spaniels.


Coming from I40, Exit 146, (or 89 North) you will enter Ash Fork on Lewis Avenue (one-way street heading west). Unless you need to stop for gas or refreshment, go past the Shell Gas Station (right side) and the Corral Market (left side).

The first cross road you will encounter is 1st Street/Double A Ranch Road. Turn right on to Double A Ranch Road. Double A Ranch Road will bend to the left and then continue across the rail road tracks. Unless there is a train going by, continue on Double A Ranch Road for about 2 miles. During that 2 miles you will pass over two cattle guards.

Just after the second cattle guard, on your left, is Canyon Road. Turn left on Canyon Road and go for 1/2 mile to Ann Lane.

Turn right on Ann Lane. The Shifty Jack Ranch entrance gate will be on your left, between two triangular planters.

The map on the right was lifted from Google and then modified. The Yellow line shows the route to our front gate. You can use this Google link to get directions directly from Google and get a better overall view. Overall, we are pretty easy to find.

Now some of you sharp readers may be wondering why the address is W. Valley Circle and we are directing you to the entrance on Ann Lane. It is a little odd but it turns out that acreage is split into four parcels and even though the house faces Ann Lane it is on the acre that faces W. Valley Circle.

Note for GPS users: Our W. Valley Circle address should be entered as being in Williams. The GPS directions will lead you to our back gate. Use the directions above to Ann Lane for easier access.